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Though Medicare covers many health care costs, there are many medical services that Medicare does not cover.  If you understand how Medicare works, you will find out that there are healthcare costs that Medicare either does not pay in full or does not pay at all.  If you want services not covered by Medicare, you must pay all the bills.  With Medicare alone, your out-of-pocket costs can mount quickly. 

What Medicare pays… and doesn’t pay

 Medicare has two parts:

             Medicare Part A            (Hospitalization)

Covers some of the costs associated with hospitalization and some costs associated with skilled nursing following hospitalization. While Medicare provides some basic coverage for both hospitalization and skilled nursing, there are gaps – gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover. That gap can result in thousands of dollars in costs that you are expected to pay.

             Medicare Part B            (Medical Expenses)

Covers some of the cost related to physician services, outpatient care, tests and supplies.  The costs not covered leave a gap that can also  result in thousands of dollars in costs that you are expected to pay.

 What to do

 Medicare Supplement Insurance provides you with the protection you need to fill the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover and provide you with the secure feeling of having your bases covered. 

Medicare Supplement Plans are affordable

 We believe our products offer both competitive rates and versatility to fit your needs.  The Insurance companies we choose are the best in the business.  UniCare, BlueCross BlueShield and Mutual of Omaha are dedicated to providing quality plans and outstanding service.


Health Insurance Company of the Midwest is an A rated Fortune 500 company, serving the health care needs of more than 13 million members and approximately 46 million specialty members nationwide. 

Mutual of Omaha has been servicing the market since Medicare began in 1966.

 BlueCross BlueShield  is well known across the nation as a health insurance provider for over 100 years.

Let us send you a brochure that explains the plans and benefits that are available.

 Guaranteed Issue

 Acceptance of your application is guaranteed if you are 65 or older and apply within six (6) months of your initial enrollment in Part B of Medicare.  You must already be enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare to apply for these plans. 

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